Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Game and our own Sausages


There are many different types of cuts in a single cow and our experienced butchers know them all. Our knowledgeable staff is trained to help you choose the right cut of beef for your meal – and we’ll even give you tips to help you cook it to perfection.

The Butcher Shop Market offers think and juicy cuts of pork for grilling, broiling and baking. Try one of our special stuffed pork chops and turn a daily dinner into an unforgettable feast.

At The Butcher Shop Market, we spread our wings way beyond chicken. Our selections of turkey tips, goose, and duck will please any pallet. But if it’s chicken you want, then The Butcher Shop Market has many varieties to choose from, including spiced wings, stuffed, boneless breasts and whole roasters.

Sausages – Irish, Italian or Portugese – Sweet, Mild or Spicy – you’ll find it all at The Butcher Shop Market. Our home made sausages are made with our signature spice blends, right here on site, so they’re guaranteed fresh.

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Stop in for a cup of coffee and a sandwich from our Boar’s Head deli offerings. We also carry fresh produce and grocery items for your convenience.